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What Is Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is marketing done with the help of this internet, computer and
electronic media. It is also called Online Marketing.

In this, work is done by creating tools like social media, mobile, e-mail,
website designing etc. In today’s time digital marketing plays a crucial

Digital marketing has proved successful in giving information about
things. It helps a lot in making life easier.

Why is digital marketing important?

In today’s time it is difficult to see things without digital world. Nowadays
every company, whether small or big, has to take the support of digital
It plays a crucial role in reaching products and services to the people. It
enables the companies to easily connect with the customer in the least
possible time.
This is the right way to attract customers to buy by showing them the same
products knowing their likes and dislikes. It opens multiple sources of information.

 With the help of Mobile Marketing, companies can easily attract their customers through mobile
marketing, mainly through social media, such as mobile app, SMS, e-mail etc.

Mobile Marketing is very important for any company because in today’s world every second
person uses smart phone and according to a research, 40%  of the population in the world access 
the internet through mobile.
Nowadays, whether small or big, all companies have to do Mobile marketing, it becomes easy
to bring traffic. Everyone is depend on their mobile for even day to day needs whether it is
to pay bills or order groceries for home and this is the right way for the companies to target
it’s audience and increase it’s number.



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